Friday, October 3, 2014

Church History Course Offered at Assumption Grotto on Wednesday Nights

Starting this coming Wednesday is a Church History class taught by a parishioner.  I plan to attend this class which runs from now through March on Wednesday nights.  As many times as I've sat down to read Church history, I think this is the best way to learn it - in a classroom setting, and at a pace such as this.  It comes right before choir practice and there is an opportunity to go to the 7:00 PM Mass, which is a low Mass in EF.

In a recent Grotto News, Fr. Perrone wrote:

I continue to write to you about the Church History Course that is being offered to you. The knowledge of Church history significantly aids our understanding of the Church itself, her doctrines, her laws and her customs. In sermons we priests have precious little time to speak about Church history, except by an oblique reference which is often little appreciated since it may not be comprehended in the context of the whole development of Church history. 
The teacher for the course, Harry Wisniewski, is offering a series of classes at no cost to you except for the purchase of a book. These classes, held in our school, will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7 p.m., a time that should be open to most people, even the busiest. The first class will be October 8.  I plan of attending myself (it’s been a long time since I studied the subject). Consider taking what promises to be a mentally stimulating journey through the ages of faith. It is a significant offering that you should highly prize. I hope many families will avail themselves of this special opportunity to learn in greater depth the history of the Catholic Church.

This class is for personal enrichment.  Some readers may wonder if this qualifies for any kind of credit, say for certificates required of catechists, etc.  This is something you'll have to direct to Fr. Perrone.

Here's the flyer that was stuffed into a recent bulletin.


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