Friday, April 18, 2014

Photos from the Tre Ore Service at Assumption Grotto, Good Friday, 2014

Each year the Grotto altar boys have their annual retreat during Holy Week. This year there were 45 boys.  They work hard in preparing for the Triduum in the extraordinary form (1962 Missal).  They also spend time in prayer and have conferences given by the priests, as well as outings, like the one to the final resting place of Venerable Solanus Casey.

Below is a sampling of photos from the Tre Ore service.

Above we see the sacred ministers - Fr. Eduard Perrone (celebrant), Fr. Aidan Logan (deacon) and Fr. John Bustamante (subdeacon) - all wearing black stoles. They will change vestments several times during the Tre Ore service.  In the picture above, Fr. Perrone is praying, in Latin:

O God who, by the Passion of Thy Christ, our Lord, hast loosened the bonds of death, that heritage of the first sin to which all men of later times did succeed: make us so conformed to Him that, as we must needs have bourne the likeness of earthly nature, so we may by santification bear the likeness of heavenly grace. Through the same Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

Next the Passion of Our Lord was chanted by the sacred ministers.

After the Gospel, Fr. Aidan Logan, O.C.S.O. delivered the sermon, found here.

The Great Intercessions followed, after the priests vested in black.

The Adoration of the Cross begins. We see it come out covered in purple and gradually uncovered as it is taken up the steps before the altar.  

Next, the sacred ministers remove their shoes and socks with the assistance of altar boys and process back to the altar where they venerate the Cross.

Other clerics in attendance follow, and after them, the altar boys.  The boys in the foreground do not have darker surplices; it is just a difference in lighting within parts of the sanctuary.  During this time, the Reproaches are sung, as well as the Crux Fidelis (The words can be found here, but the Great Intercessions have undergone changes and this online version is as it was in the post-1955 edition).  

The people were then led up to the center and in front of either side altar to venerate the Cross.

The Communion Rite then began. We See Fr. Logan here taking the Blessed Sacrament from the Altar of Repose to the main altar, as well as that which was stored in a room within the sacristy.

Since there is no Mass, this Holy Communion, which was reserved, will be distributed.  I did not photograph Communion.

Ecce Agnus Dei… 

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