Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pope Francis is a gift to the Church

It's a good thing I care not a bit about approval of fellow traditionalists for what I say; rather, I say what I do and leave it to God for judgment.  I post this out of sadness at a continued barrage of near daily, contempt-filled writings out there in social media, for Pope Francis.  I unfriended someone yesterday in Facebook, who doesn't let a day pass by without nit-picking something the Holy Father does, and has often castigated him with words that may as well have been spittle chucked on him as he walked by.

I wanted to offer these thoughts for consideration during Lent.

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With Pope Francis ascending to papacy after the good Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did in helping us to understand liturgy and Jesus of Nazareth better, I believe God is trying to keep us from neglecting other aspects of our faith that are also important.

I find myself examining my conscience this past year in ways I never had before. I have lost nothing that the Pope Emeritus taught and hold fast to those things, while learning to grow in other areas.

It saddens me deeply when some, who had a great love for the good Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did, use him to beat down Pope Francis. Looking back this past year, I don't think Pope Francis has done anything to reflect poorly on his predecessor, or to disrespect him. If anything, I think some have been harsh in wanting Francis to BE Benedict XVI. Any pope who tries to BE his predecessor, isn't necessarily using those gifts that are particular to him.

Those who reject Pope Francis, some with open contempt, and almost with singular focus on looking for every perceived fault, even unto excluding anything positive, are rejecting a gift from God, who permitted Jorge Bergoglio to ascend to the papacy.

What is particularly disturbing is that a segment - yes, a segment, not an entire movement - but a segment of self-righteous, high and mighty fellow traditionalists are so concerned about themselves, they don't see the lowly poor souls being lifted out of the depths of despair, and lukewarmness, in part because WE have not been living the fullness of the Gospel.

Newsflash: God is harsh with those whom he loves (Judith 8:25-27) and at this point in time, God feels others need attention - others with gaping wounds.

Sitting around and complaining about sometimes imperfect communication of the Pope, or even imprudence; or about dissenting Catholics; or bishops and priests who have been negligent [not referring to sex abuse crisis], is no substitute for spending time in Adoration for them, or fasting for them. I challenge anyone to tell me public complaint is more valuable than praying and fasting for others.

Complaining about such things is not a manifestation of the Holy Spirit; it's a manifestation that people are yielding to concupiscence. The Holy Spirit does not cause disquiet; we bring it on ourselves by lack of faith.

I have faith that God had a reason for Pope Francis that may have a focus on others who are in need in ways known only to the Almighty. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has given me strength through knowledge about liturgy and the faith; Pope Francis is showing me how to think about others and their needs.

This Lent, let's place our focus on others [and I don't mean their faults], not on any wounds we may have. True disciples of Christ don't dwell in persecutions - real or perceived. They suffer silently like the Lamb, not with self-righteous indignation. Any traditionalist should know that.

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