Thursday, March 13, 2014

Almsgiving opportunity in Detroit for apartment fire victims

Lent is a time for almsgiving.  People give money when something happens, but long term assistance is needed as in this situation.

I shared some of this information in social media last week, but the need for cash by the St. Vincent De Paul in Detroit continues.  The Red Cross helps short term, but the St. Vincent De Paul Society helps for up to 6 months, to get residents back on their feet. There were some 50 people displaced by this.  Everyone got out only with the clothes on their backs, and one girl escaped with just a nightshirt and underwear in the cold temps.  A firefighter took off his boots, pants, and coat for her.  I was trying to find video of that story, but could not.


Here is just how bad the situation was for residents, some of whom jumped to their safety, sustaining injuries.  This video is now dated and discusses people unaccounted for, but thankfully, no bodies were found in the wreckage.


Here is a page set up at the St. Vincent De Paul in Detroit.  If you cannot give cash, note they are still looking for material goods too, especially things like furniture and appliances.

I would imagine residents of the disaster in Harlem, New York will be in a similar situation, with long term needs.  Contact the local St. Vincent De Paul Society and ask about long term help for those now homeless.

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