Saturday, February 15, 2014

Father Z is in Detroit and will have the 9:30 AM TLM for Septuagesima Sunday

Father John Zuhlsdorf is in Detroit this weekend leading a Call to Holiness fundraiser at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  I had posted on it previously so people could sign up.  I regret not being able to go myself.   Teresa Tomeo interviewed Father Z a few days ago on her radio program, Catholic Connection, on the impact of Catholicism on art and culture.  Listen to the archive here. 

Fr. Perrone confirmed for me that Father Z will have the 9:30 AM TLM tomorrow at Assumption Grotto.   I don't know what his plans are after the Mass, but in the past, he has wandered over to the school for a brief time.

Septuagesima Sunday

In the old calendar, we have a "pre-lenten" period that begins with Septuagesima.

Vultus Christi - the great blog of the Silverstream Priory has several posts up.


If you don't have a missal and want to see or print out the propers for the next few weeks leading up to Lent, and through Lent, you can find them here at the Tridentine Latin Missal Project site.

Photo Note

The photo at top is from the 2009 Call to Holiness Conference at which Father Z spoke.  You can see my photo post from that event with explanations here.  It was at the National Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, which provided a unique set of backdrops for the pictures that year.  

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