Sunday, February 2, 2014

Candlemas at Assumption Grotto; Fr. Aidan Logan visiting

I hated to miss the beautiful Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form (EF) for Candlemas that is taking place at the 9:30 AM Mass today, but I felt it would be too taxing for me (see explanation here). So, I went to 6:30 AM Mass, then remained for a while in prayer.  Also, I am not up to taking photographs right now with my big camera, which weighs about five pounds with my workhorse lens, so even if I had been at the Mass, I would not have been up to my usual photography. Like many other things, this had to be set aside temporarily.

Chris Kolomjec and Fr. Aidan Logan
next to the war memorial in the Grotto
cemetery on Memorial Day 2007
When I got to Grotto before the 6:30 AM Mass started, I noticed we had a visiting priest doing a private low Mass using the 1962 Missal. I took the image at top with my iPhone.  It was Fr. Aidan Logan, O.C.s.o. - a Cistercian monk who is a long time military chaplain and friend of parishioner and Marine veteran, Christopher Kolomjec.   Many will recognize him from past visits, especially around Memorial Day or Epiphany.  I was told that Fr. Logan was delivering the homily today at the 9:30  AM Mass.

In January, Fr. Logan became the Vocations Director for the U.S. Archdiocese of Military Services (AMS) in January.  You can see an article here about that, along with his bio, at the AMS website.

Keep him and all of our Catholic military chaplains in your prayers.  Pray especially for vocations. You can support the Archdiocese for Military Services of the USA, and follow news at the AMS website.

Just after 8:00 AM, Fr. Perrone held a quick rehearsal with the altar boys and Fr. Logan ahead of the 9:30 AM Mass.  I happened to be there and shot this video short with my iPhone before I left.  Not seen is the third priest, who was not present for the rehearsal.  This is how Fr. Perrone gets everyone ready before a Solemn High Mass.  Going through the motions, so to speak, of a Mass and candlelight procession that will take just under two hours, might be rehearsed in about 20-30 minutes this way.  Some of the boys were already dressed and others were in street clothes yet.

Candles were being blessed at the 9:30 AM Mass to be used on Monday for the feast of St. Blase, and for people to pick up after Mass for use at home.  This is video from 2013. 

Incidentally, EWTN had on a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form for Candlemas, celebrated by Bishop Edward J. Slattery in the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma at the  It is supposed to be re-broadcast tonight. Check your local listings.

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