Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ann Arbor is interesting...

I've not tried blogging from the iPhone before, but I'm doing so now.

I have a test tomorrow morning at U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor. Not quite feeling myself and with chronic abdominal pain and nausea from something yet not diagnosed I'm in no mood for rush hour traffic, fog that freezes on early morning freeways, and idiots who don't have enough sense to slow down and keep some distance.

So, as I did some weeks ago, I packed an overnight bag, set the house alarm, and came to Ann Arbor one day early. I left in the afternoon, with low traffic, and am enjoying the change in view. I love my neighbors, but I'm tired of seeing their condos every day. 

It was 40 degrees when I got here around 3:00. Wanting some fresh air I went for a stroll in the sun. I couldn't walk far, but I'm just over a mile away from the hospital and in the heart of the university district. I could have paid less and been further away, but I wanted to be able to walk where there is life. 

Winter life in a college town must be interesting. They store their bikes in snow. One looks like it has been there a few decades.

You see that all over town. When I came up last week, I saw some bike racks in front of school halls and businesses, filled with over a dozen bikes like this. I guess a big snow fell a little too fast, then never melted for them to get their bikes out. More than likely, even if they got it out, it would not be practical to get home.

It might be hard to read what is up top, but I found it interesting. I can't see what it says myself on this tiny screen - something like, "Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary for the good of mankind and happiness..." 

There is something about the architecture in Ann Arbor that is warm and endearing. These weren't just buildings to be in, they were works of art and craftsmanship. 

I've decided Ann Arbor will make a good, future get away for a photographer like me. There are both urban and natural scenes. I'd like to come up next winter and catch that early morning frost on tree tops in one of the parks. This iPhone pic I took on my way to last week's test, doesn't do it justice. But, I'm just not up to lugging around a 5 pound camera and lens right now. 

Hopefully, the good doctors here at U of M will get it figured out soon and get me back to working and doing all that I love. 

Tomorrow, I get to have radioactive eggs for breakfast. Who knows what they will see.