Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pictures from the Solemn High Mass for Fr. Perrone's Mother

I was unable to be at the funeral for Grace Perrone and am still looking for time to finish going through the photos I took of the ordination of parishioner, Fr. Louis Lapeyre down in Monroe at the same time.

I received a few photos from the funeral through Ray Long, taken by Stan Williams.  I got approval from Fr. Perrone last night to share some of these.

Mrs. Perrone died just after 6:30 PM last Tuesday following a massive stroke suffered during a morning funeral Mass for her brother, which was being celebrated by Fr. Perrone.

While it is easy to see the Knights of Columbus, the altar boys and other clerics in choir, what may not be so visible unless you look are Mrs. Perrone's brothers and sisters in Carmel lining the procession route in the pews on either side.  Despite her advanced age, at 92, she continued to come to most monthly Carmelite meetings on First Saturdays.

This was a Mass for the Dead in the extraordinary form.  My wish is to be buried this way for the depth of prayers within the Mass and following afterwards with the burial.  There is no mistaking the Mass for the Dead as a celebration of the life of the deceased.  Rather, the focus is on helping to mitigate their suffering in purgatory, assuming most go there before entrance into heaven.  So few Catholics today really understand this, sadly.  We need our priests to start talking about it more often.

See the Mass for the Dead, the Requiem, online here.

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