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Ordination Photos of Rev. Francisco DeAngelis, ORC

On Saturday, June 29, 2013, Rev. Francisco DeAngelis, ORC was ordained to the holy priesthood at the hands of the Most Rev. Arturo Cepeda, Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit at Assumption Grotto.

What follows is a sampling of the 158 photos from the ordination.

At the bottom you will find a link to the full gallery of pictures taken that day.  While it is possible to link directly to that photo gallery, I always appreciate a link to the respective photo blogpost. This allows people to get information that is not in the gallery (it tells the story), and it allows others to discover my blog, which I hope people will find useful to bookmark and check from time to time.

The Mass

Assumption Grotto is known for it's extraordinary form Masses (1962 Missal).  This was a concelebrated Mass in the ordinary form, celebrated ad orientem, with the Eucharistic Prayer in Latin.

On Bishop Cepeda's right is Deacon Gerald Smigell, who is the grandfather of Fr. Francisco.  Many know the deacon through Ss Cyril & Methodius, where he works; and through the local chapter of the Helpers of God's Precious Infants in which he is very active.

Deacon Francisco is seen in the front pew at the center aisle as Mass gets underway. In front of him is the chalice given to him by his parents, who are standing next to him.

Some of the concelebrating priests sitting on the bishop's side of the sanctuary.

Daniel Smigell, the father of Fr. Francisco served as lector.  

The Rite of Ordination

After the Gospel was read by Deacon Smigell, the candidate is called forth where it is asked if he is worthy.  Fr. Ludwig Oppl, ORC (sitting in the front row, next to Fr. Perrone), responded affirmatively. The bishop then issues the call to Holy Orders.

He then delivers the homily from the throne.

After the homily, the Rite of Ordination continues with the Promise of the Elect

Fr. Francisco making his promises.  Also in this photo, kneeling and holding the book, is Br. Matthew Schuster, SJC - an Assumption Grotto parishioner working toward's priesthood with the Order of Canons Regular of St. John Cantius in Chicago.

What comes next is the Litany of Supplication (Litany of Saints), with Fr. Francisco laying prostrate.

Followed by the laying on of hands, first of the bishop....

Then, his religious order brother, Rev. Ludwig Oppl, ORC, Superior Delegatus

And another religious order brother present, Rev. Titus Keininger, ORC

Others can be seen in the photo gallery in the link at bottom.

Bishop Cepeda offers the prayers of ordination.

And, the newly ordained Fr. Francisco is vested.

Then, his hands are anointed with holy oil and the Veni Creator Spiritus is sung.

Fr. Francisco's paten and chalice are brought into the sanctuary by his brother and father, and are taken to the bishop.

The fraternal kiss is then given by bishop and priests present.

After the Rite of Ordination, the Mass continued with the Credo, and into the Offertory. After the schola chanted the "Constitutes eos," the choir sang Palestrina's Sicut Cervus.  The newly ordained Fr. Francisco joins his brother priests. Here we see some of the other priests who were concelebrating.

And Fr. Francisco's chalice is seen on the altar during Offertory.

Brother Isaac, and the Sisters of the Holy Cross are seen here.  Members of the Children of Mary were also in attendance (purple in habit).


Eucharistic Prayer I (Roman Canon) was used, in Latin.  Here, we see the Elevation of the Eucharist.

And, the Elevation of the Chalice

Fr. Francisco at the altar as a priest for the first time

As is customary at Assumption Grotto, holy Communion is received kneeling and on the tongue. Here, we see the altar boys receiving on a kneeler in the sanctuary that will later be used by Bishop Cepeda to receive his first blessing from the newly ordained Fr. Francisco.

Fr. Francisco distributes holy Communion to his family

It is not uncommon to see the Missionaries of Charity at ordinations (the order founded by Blessed Teresa of Calcutta). They have a local mission here in Detroit and I have seen them at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral for ordinations, and at Assumption Grotto for other events over the years.

The schola chanted the Tu es Petrus, then sang Psalm 150 by Cesar Franck.  They sang the beautiful Missa Secunda by Hans Leo Hassler earlier, one of my favorite Masses. The choir was directed by Ruth Lapeyre. Pablo Gorin was the organist, and he finished the day with the organ postlude, Ite Misse Est, Op. 55, No. 5 and March in D Major, Op. 56, No. 2 by Alexander Guillmant.

Bishop Cepeda at prayer during the purification of vessels as the choir sang.

After the Post-Communion Prayer, Fr. DeAngelis consecrates his priesthood to the Blessed Virgin Mary at the side altar as the choir sang the Salve Regina by Paul Paray.

After Fr. Oppl offered acknowledgments and a few words, Bishop Cepeda received a First Blessing from Fr. Francisco DeAngelis, and kissed his newly consecrated hands.

The bishop and priests made their way outside where a group photograph was taken

After Mass, there was a reception in the gym.  Fr. Francisco spent the next hour-and-a-half giving First Blessings, starting with his own family.  It began with his mother and father.

Please keep Fr. Francisco DeAngelis, ORC in your prayers as he begins his priestly ministry.


As I said at the beginning, there are many more photos in my Smugmug Gallery for this event.  While it is possible to share that link, I appreciate links to this blogpost where people may get the full story. They too will find the full collection at the bottom of the post.

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