Saturday, July 13, 2013

Catholic Culture battling hack attacks

I have not had much time for posting and I know my readers are clicking on the Catholic Culture news links in my sidebar (which I am going to take down temporarily).  They have been dealing with a hack attack out of China that is causing people's browsers to warn them of a virus.

Here is the latest news:

New Anti-Virus Steps: 
Dear Diane, 
Thanks to your prayers, our status has been upgraded considerably in urgency by our hosting company. 

The hosting company now believes it can upgrade us to a hardened web environment within the next 24 hours, on the same server we are currently using. This is expected to eliminate the virus vulnerability. 
We should know whether this works by tomorrow (Sunday), but there may be somebrief downtime—perhaps an hour or two—between now and then. 
It is possible that a few of our site features will have to be modified slightly to work correctly in the new environment, but we can easily handle that problem once we know the system is secure. 
Again, thanks for your prayers and your patience. I will keep you posted.
Jeff Mirus
Trinity Communications

I would suggest we just wait for the matter to resolve, hopefully early next week.

I use the site, New Advent, for breaking Catholic news and a variety of Catholic commentaries on a range of topics. What I like about the site is it is not sensational.

Likewise, I rely often on LifeNews for prolife matters because it is very matter-of-fact in it's reporting.

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