Monday, July 1, 2013

About those photos: I'm working on it...

When I began taking photos at Assumption Grotto events and posting them to extend the witness online, I would pull all-nighters to get them through post-processing.  Many people believe, in this digital era, that the pics will be up as soon as I get them done, probably because I used to respond so quickly.  There's this little thing called "age" that gets in the way of those rapid turn arounds.

I have two photo events to share.  One is the prayer vigil for life that took place last Saturday, hosted by the Helper's of God's Precious Infants of Michigan, and led by Bishop Michael Byrnes, an auxiliary bishop of Detroit. The other event is a priestly ordination which took place at Assumption Grotto for a member of the Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross at the hands of another auxiliary bishop in Detroit, Bishop Arturo Cepeda.

I was nearly finished with the prayer vigil photos, but discovered some editing I had done (to not give the abortion mills free advertising), seems to have been lost, so I will need to return to those and touch them back up.

I am much closer to being done with the ordination photos today than I was yesterday.  The post-processing on these takes a little longer because I do not make use of a white card for white balance.  I need to go through each photo and adjust it accordingly.  The amount of light, and the color of it, changes with each place within the church, and even within the sanctuary.  That makes use of a white card difficult because I would need many settings in those different areas and I would need the nimbleness of mind and hand to change these in a hurry.  This would allow me to set the white balance before the photos are taken and invest less post-processing time.

Your patience and prayers are appreciated.  With God's grace, and the assistance of my holy guardian angel, they will be up tonight. It also helps if I do not lose my internet as I did last night, for no apparent reason.

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