Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Way too much concern over Pope's empty chair at concert...

The Pope skipped a recent concert (see details here).  People were told that the Pope was not ill, but that he had an “urgent task that cannot be put off but must be dealt with at the present moment.”

Some Italian news sources, and English language bloggers did an in depth analysis of the empty chair, filling in blanks and inventing dots to drive a line to go in a way that fit a particular narrative - that the Holy Father was thumbing his nose at this tradition. Or, at least leading the reader in that direction.

There is never a danger in quietly accepting, at face value, an explanation given by someone in a case like this.  It's called virtue.

There is a danger to idle speculation that dismisses an explanation given. It's called gossip.

Consider that the first thing we must do to dismiss the given explanation is to presume someone is lying.

I'm just sayin'

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