Thursday, June 13, 2013

Congrats to Kevin and Amy - Ad multos annos!

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, fellow blogger and friend, Kevin Tierney married Amy Walton.

I usually do not do full wedding photo packages, but will sometimes augment the bride and groom's photo collection with some extras, especially for friends.  I'm not a trained photographer: My group shots and wedding party shots always come out lousy. And, most of my work is done without flash.  That is why I usually do not take on solo work as a photographer at these events.  Photography is a hobby for me as I have another profession by day.

Kevin and Amy joined Assumption Grotto last year and can often be seen at the 9:30 AM Mass in the extraordinary form.  With their permission, I share some of these photos here on the blog.

Kevin blogs at Common Sense Catholicism, and I recommend you follow him.  You might find him lurking in the gym vestibule after the Mass on some Sundays enjoying something from the Grotto-grill.  Kevin enjoys apologetics discussions, and you will find him well read (look out, Kevin!)

The Wedding

In the 1962 Missal, vows are exchanged right at the beginning so they go through the Mass as husband and wife.

Fr. Paul Czarnota of St. Angela Parish in Roseville, came to Grotto to perform the ceremony.  He was Kevin's pastor while at St. Josaphat in Detroit.

Kevin brought in Wassim Sarweh, known in Detroit and Windsor "Tridentine" circles for his beautiful chant. He was close enough to the rail for me to get this shot, so you can put a face to that voice.

Long after the honeymoon is over and life puts ordinary bumps in a married couple's road, they need to remember where the marriage began, and before Whom it took place.

At Assumption Grotto, the bride and groom always walk over to the Blessed Mother's altar after the Mass and lay a bouquet of flowers there, while offering a prayer.

Ad multos annos!

Now, I'm going to show a few extra shots taken outdoors to give future brides and grooms, and their photographers, ideas.  Since we have the outdoor grotto in the cemetery, it can make for a nice backdrop, as can some of the surrounding greenery.  You would never know these were taken in a cemetery.

The weather forecast was just awful.  It was supposed to be the worst in a stretch of rainy, stormy days.  The wedding was at 1:30 and we were taking pics outside around 3:15 without a drop in sight.  They were blessed with very nice weather.

Shot 1: Walking up the path towards the grotto

Grotto and angel in the background.

This was taken at the St. Peter rock, shown at top.  They were looking at the real photographer in this one.

And, this was the photographer's idea (after we brushed off the marble Kevin sat on just outside the grotto sanctuary).

The full gallery can be found here: June 1, 2013 Wedding

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