Sunday, May 19, 2013

Photos from Pentecost Solemn High Mass

Today for Pentecost we had a Solemn High Mass, thanks to the assistance of the newly ordained Deacon Louis Lapeyre (to the left of the celebrant, Fr. John Bustamante, also isolated below) and Mr. Tim Ferguson (to the right, who served as sub-deacon).  Deacon Lapeyre, a parishioner of Assumption Grotto and former choir member, looks forward to priestly ordination here in the Archdiocese of Detroit within the next year.  Mr. Ferguson will be following his call to the priesthood in the Diocese of Marquette.  He has been serving as a canon lawyer for the Archdiocese of Detroit.  Please keep both men in your prayers.  

Fr. Perrone conducted an orchestral Mass today - the Mozart, Missa in C major (KV 257).  It will be heard again at the Noon Mass on Corpus Christi.  At this time, I do not know if that will be a Solemn High, but I do expect the Traditional Latin Mass.

 The ladies schola sings the Alleluia and Sequence.

The ladies schola is directed by parishioner long-time choir member, Ruth Lapeyre, the mother of Deacon Louis Lapeyre. She also teaches voice at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

A couple of young parishioners got in the way of my camera lens, as often happens at Mass. 

I have not fully processed the photos, nor have I uploaded any to Smugmug yet.  I have some home projects going on right now and have not had much time for blogging and photography.  In fact, I still have May Crowning photos to get to yet, hopefully soon.  In any event, blogging will be light for a few weeks.

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