Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13: Our Lady of Fatima

Today in the new calendar, is the optional Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.  May 13, 1917 is the first day the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the children of Fatima.  (See the official page and click around here)

The apparitions are described on this page, with their dates. Note how distinct each message is and how few there are.

Today, Papacy of Pope Francis was consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima, at his request.  I'll update the post later with information on this as it is not yet available online.  I wanted to watch it but forgot to set the DVR and woke up at the very end of the Mass in Fatima.

Several years ago, Fr. Perrone began a series of talks on the 13th of the Month beginning in May that that year.  They were based on the book, "Fatima in Lucia's Own Words."  This book is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who believe that the faith is all Resurrection and no Cross.  In the book, Sr. Lucia explains the heroic virtue, especially of Bl. Jacinta.  That child found many creative ways to engage in voluntary redemptive suffering (Col 1:24) in response to Our Lady's call to make acts of reparation.

See also, the prayers of Fatima. Some you may recognize.

Please note that this post is not about the Consecration of Russia.  I'm hesitant to make any posts on Fatima because of how this issue detracts from the larger message of Fatima which is one of prayer, reparation and personal holiness.  Therefore, I will not be publishing any comments related to that topic, so please do not spend the time writing them out.  Thank you.


Pope Francis proclaimed new saints yesterday. See the full text of his homily at that Mass.

If you missed my Saturday book review of St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross on The Beatitudes by Thomas M. Reid, OCDS, please check it out.  Tom Reid is the president of the secular Carmelite community at Assumption Grotto which meets on First Saturdays starting with the special 8:30 AM Mass.  He wrote the book in 2010 and it is quite unique in looking at the Sermon on the Mount through the mother and father of the Carmelite order.

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