Saturday, May 25, 2013

A time for blogging and a time for working...

If you have not completely abandoned me after so little posting, I am continuing to try to get some long overdue house cleaning and projects done.  I was sick much of last year before having a benign adrenal cyst removed, and as I get my health back on track, I'm looking around and seeing just how much has to be done around the house.  So, your patience is appreciated.  On the good news front, last year I was taking almost the max dose of two different blood pressure pills, diuretics and other medications. With the cyst gone, I am now only taking the lowest dose of one blood pressure pill on an as needed basis because my pressure was too low taking it on a daily basis.  That is a pretty good new "problem" to have in the wake of evicting that cyst.  I'm also taking diuretics on an as needed basis.  While I did not have what is called a pheochromocytoma which can produce blood pressure-raising hormones, the benign cyst (think water balloon) was wrapped around the adrenal gland likely putting pressure on it, and somehow causing wild BP swings.  I was initially told there would be no change in my blood pressure, but two weeks after the surgery it came crashing down - literally.  There is no cure for high blood pressure... unless you have a situation such as this or if a hormone producing tumor is removed.

Memorial Day

This coming Monday, I ask you to consider giving a part of your day to keeping in mind that Memorial Day is about remembering the war dead.  I'll be remembering my Uncle Eddie who died in WWII.  I spoke about him in a photo-post on Memorial Day at Grotto some years ago here.  In fact, the picture outdoors in the center of my blog header right now from that day.

Note that there is a 7:30 AM Mass on Memorial Day at Grotto, and a special 9:00 AM Mass that begins with a flag raising outside, with bonafide bugler playing TAPS.  This has often been in the ordinary form and I never know until it happens, what Mass it will be.  Last year I think it was in the extraordinary form (Tridentine).  Here is the bulletin for this weekend and you can see the Mass schedule for the week and Fr. Perrone's column. There is no 7:00 PM Mass on Memorial Day.

Corpus Christi

On the following Sunday, Fr. Perrone will conduct an orchestral Mass at Noon (TLM) and the Corpus Christi Procession with the Blessed Sacrament on the grounds of Assumption Grotto.


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