Monday, November 26, 2012

Photos from October 28 Mass of Thanksgiving of Fr. Robert Slaton

On September 29th, when the Church celebrates the feast of St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael, Fr. Robert Slaton was ordained for the Archdiocese of Detroit (see slides and story of ordination at the Michigan Catholic and the pre-ordination story with more background here).  Nota bene: There were three ordinations on May 26th, as well.

On October 28th, Fr. Slaton celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving at Assumption Grotto, using the 1962 Missal.  Fr. Slaton was baptized at Assumption Grotto.

I've been very behind on photo processing, so without further delay, here are those pictures.
Fr. Aidan Logan, O.C.s.o., a visiting Cistercian, served as the assistant priest.

The Asperges

The Confiteor

Fr. John Bustamante delivers the sermon

Fr. Slaton and Fr. Logan during the sermon

The Elevation of the Consecrated Host

Fr. Slaton gives post-Mass thanksgiving at the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary

See the full gallery of photos for Fr. Robert Slaton's Mass of Thanksgiving at Assumption Grotto.

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