Thursday, November 8, 2012

New TLM Catholic Magazine: Laudamus Te

Many of you are familiar with the excellent Catholic monthly, Magnificat. It has the propers for new Mass, daily and offers daily prayers, and other things.  I know many who subscribe to it and I once did too.  But, I often assist at Mass in the extraordinary form (1962 Missal) for daily Mass so I wasn't using it and let my subscription lapse.  Assumption Grotto offers it at 7:30 AM Monday through Friday (sometimes a high Mass with chant and other days a low Mass).  The parish also offers the EF Mass on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at 7:00 PM (always subject to change for special circumstances, as happened this past Monday when Fr. Perrone opted to concelebrate with 5 other priests in the new Mass).  

I have a hand Missal, but there is something about these kinds of aids that make them convenient.  Laudamus Te will do for the Mass of 1962 what Magnificat does for the new Mass.  

I've been in communication with Therese Warmus of Laudamus Te.  She writes:

The Advent 2012 issue is back from the printer and will ship November 13.
We are nearly doubling our content. The 2012 Christmas issue will feature morning and evening prayers from the Roman breviary along with daily propers in Latin and English, devotional essays, poetry, art, and more. Morning and evening prayers will appear in English initially; as of yet no date has been set for adding the Latin texts, but we have this goal in sight. 

This year only we are producing separate issues for Advent and Christmas; in subsequent years (2013-ongoing) they will appear as one volume.

Here's the scoop: We're now offering a digital version (PDF) of our Advent and Christmas issues, $3.95 each, and a one year digital subscription (6 issues) for $28. Hard copy subscriptions remain $32 per year for six issues. We anticipate publishing a fully linked e-book version when our subscription base has grown enough to make the magazine self-supporting. Please let your readers know that subscriptions and donations will make it happen--we don't have backers with deep pockets. Only God, and a magazine designed for a singular purpose: to increase devotion among Catholics to "the most beautiful thing this side of heaven," the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite.

This is a new, startup magazine, so it is really dependent on subscriptions to be viable.  Even though I have a hand Missal, I am purchasing the hard copy.  

You can view some excerpts from the Advent issue at their website and get more details there.

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