Friday, October 12, 2012

Photos: Solemn High Mass celebrated for Juventutem on Sept 28

On Friday, September 28, Fr. Perrone, Fr. Bustamante, and Fr. White celebrated a Solemn High Mass for Juventutem - a group of young people devoted to the traditional Latin Mass. I offered some background in this post last month.

The Call to Holiness Conference is tomorrow and it is not too late to buy tickets at the door, but I would recommend packing a lunch if you did not pre-regsiter.  I will have photos from the conference and from the Pontifical High Mass to be celebrated by Bishop Alexander Sample on Sunday.  Bishop Sample is the keynote speaker for the conference.

In the meanwhile, here are a few photos from this beautiful Solemn High Mass celebrated some weeks ago. My apologies for such a delay.  I'm just glad I got them processed before the big weekend.

 You can see the full collection at my gallery for this event.

In the 1962 calendar, September 28 is the feast of St. Wenceslaus - Martyr, so the liturgical color was red.  The date wasn't targeted; rather the group normally has it's Masses on Friday nights when scheduled, then they meet afterwards.

Fr. Perrone turns towards where the Gospel is being chanted.

The Gospel is being chanted

Fr. Perrone delivering his homily.

Fr. Perrone, when delivering a homily off-the-cuff often speaks with his eyes closed. 

The Elevation of the Eucharist - the Source and Summit of our faith.
Next to the Elevation, this is one of the most majestic shots. When the celebrant consumes Holy Communion,
the deacon and sub-deacon go off to the corners and bow in reverence.
It heightens awareness of the sacredness of Holy Communion
"Ecce Agnus Dei..."
Once again, there are many more photos in the main gallery for the September 28 Solemn High Mass for Juventutem.

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