Saturday, October 27, 2012

Assumption Grotto is holding All-Night Adoration on Election Eve; is your parish doing something special?

When the disciples of Jesus could not drive demons out they asked Jesus in private why this was so.  If you recall, Our Lord told them that some demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting (MK 9:29). With so many attacks against the Church and against life itself, our temporal actions cannot equal the power of our spiritual actions.  This doesn't mean we should not be engaged in the public square; rather, it must be coupled with prayer and fasting.  This also requires an act of faith (Mt 17:20).

Assumption Grotto in Detroit is holding it's second, ElectionEve All-Night Adoration for the presidential election. We had a great turn-out in 2008 and we anticipate many will be looking for a place to pray in the hours leading up to the 2012 election.

This is a great opportunity for families to make the spiritual battle a part of the civic duty - to show young people that even voting should spring forth from prayer and that things like life and liberty come before convenience. And, some voting choices may require sacrifice when we have to let go of some good things a candidate offers because he or she is advancing non-negotiable things, like abortion. So, set an example to your kids and make this a family outing.

This is not just a time to offer a prayer of petition.  It is a time to also make a prayer of reparation. Morality in our country has taken a real left turn as can be seen when we turn on the TV or read the news.  It has turned highly militant with attempts to force Church-run institutions and Catholic and Christian business owners  into participating in evil.  We need to make amends for our own sinfulness, but we can also make reparation for the sins of our culture.

Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking  in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his body, which is the church... (Col 1:24)

If we are to imitate Christ, then we must suffer with Him.  Spending time in Adoration is one way to offer this.  Jesus suffered and died on the Cross, not for His sins - because He was without sin - but for ours.  We sit before Our Eucharistic Lord and express our sorrow for the many sins committed - ours, and those of others.  It is good to make an act of reparation for our own sins.  This serves us.  It is much better when we join that with making reparation for the sins of others and asking God to convert their hearts and to shower them with graces. In this way, our petitions will have much greater efficacy.  Perhaps some voters will be showered with graces they cannot resist.

Don't forget about small sacrifices.  

Pray, fast, give alms.  Treat these remaining days like Lent.  Offer up your daily work.  Go to Confession because these prayers and sacrifices must be presented cleanly.


I'd like to see a list of events happening around the U.S. in THE com-box.

To my priest-readers, consider how you can encourage your people to participate in spiritual activism.

If your parish isn't having anything, get a group of people together to approach the pastor and ask for Monday night Adoration, even if it is only for one hour.  Perhaps some parishes can hold Adoration during voting hours on Tuesday.


Thanks to New Advent for directing traffic here.  I hope others will also get the word out, and share what is happening here, in the com-box.

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Nick said...

Catholic clergy can't tell Catholics who to vote for, but Catholic laity can sure give a helping hand in letting other laypersons who the best candidate would be in light of the Church's teaching. I sure wish someone would go through the candidates and grade them on a report card of Catholic teaching.

Atheists are doing the same. Why not Catholics? A moral compass never hurt using the brain!

Stacey said...

Some of us laity have put together a compelling ad. We are raising funds via Ohio Right to Life to pay for an ad stating the 5 non-negotiables. If anyone is interested in helping us, please respond.

Carolyn S. said...

As an aside, I notice the poster states "security provided by Knights of Columbus" and gives parking instructions. One concern with all-night adoration in rough areas has been people being attacked in church, especially parishes that don't require a minimum of "two at a time" adoring. A few years ago some thug observed people coming and going on the dot, every hour, and at 2 am followed a lone woman into the church and tried to assault her. She fought him off with a pen, thank God. If there is visible security outside the building, that is a good precaution and a good deterrent.

Anonymous said...

Check Johnette Benkovik's Women of Grace. Her site has all kinds of voter guides.

Stacey said...

We hope to run this ad in USA Today to try to reach a broad range of Catholics. There is so much written material that is confusing at best and not clear on the non-negotiables.

Hank said...

The new Bishop-Elect for the Tyler Diocese, Msgr. Joseph Strickland, is holding a public prayer vigil on the square, downtown. This event is open to all and is being promoted in some Protestant churches, too.

Hisalone said...

St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Columbia, SC is starting with Mass @ 6 p.m. Election Eve, followed by Exposition/Adoration until 6 p.m. Election night when we will end with Benediction.


Anonymous said...

What's my parish doing? Glad you asked. The same as the diocese - nothing!

I live in a spiritual wasteland which is mostly CINO. To be sure, there is a good parish here and there but none within reasonable distance of my family.


Nick said...


That's a good start! How can I help?