Sunday, October 21, 2012

A note about Call to Holiness Conference Photos

Well, I had planned on trying to complete the processing of the Call to Holiness photos I took last Saturday, but my hard drive started acting up on my Mac and I realized I had never made a backup of the hard drive. That became a priority. I've got it connected to an external drive now making a backup for the first time. Unfortunately, it is telling me that it will take 14 hours to complete... no, wait... 19 hours... no, 8 hours. Okay - it is still calculating. In any event, I needed to work on those photos now to get them done tonight. So, they won't get done tonight.

This all started when I went into iTunes on my desktop only to find the entire library gone.  I'm puzzled because I have updates set in such a way that I need to okay it so I can backup my library before any changes are made.  How it disappeared is beyond me. I rushed over to my Macbook Pro and found my library intact there, so I grabbed an external hard drive to save the library.  Then, I realized I had never created an entire backup of that computer. 

I'm not too fluent with Macs or iTunes yet, and I had a lot of apps, music and audio books on that thing.  If anyone knows what makes a library disappear when you don't do anything, please let me know so I don't do it again. Before I connect my phone to the laptop to sync it, I figure I better back up the library on that external drive. I'll look at the iTunes version between the desktop and the Mac after it's done backing up. I think it upgraded on me when I wasn't paying attention.

I must not have saved my iTunes library any time lately.  While I was sick the past year I just didn't care much about any of that.  Now that I'm starting to feel better after my surgery, I'm waking up to many things that need to be done - like computer backups. 

I'm trying to prevent this...

Stay tuned.

If you didn't see the Mass pictures from the Pontifical Mass which closed the conference, you can see them here: Photos: Solemn High Pontifical Mass with Bishop Sample at Assumption Grotto

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