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2012 Call to Holiness Conference Photos; Audio & Video Info

About 500 people were in attendance at the conference

Here are a few of the many photos I took at the Call to Holiness conference which took place here in metro-Detroit on Saturday, October 13th at Immaculate Conception School which is connected with St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church in Warren, Michigan.  There was a separate youth conference taking place and some of the speakers spoke at both.  You can find information about the event and speakers, and you can order audio and video at

The theme was Vatican II with a focus on what was written versus the proverbial "spirit of the council." Many things are attributed to Vatican II that have no basis in the council.

Here are the speakers at the main conference.

Louie Verrecchio spoke on Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II

Fr. John Trigilio spoke on "Responsible Citizenship"

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, "Father Z" served as MC at the event and spoke at the evening dinner.

His Excellency, the Most Reverent Alexander K. Sample
offered the keynote address on "Revisiting What Vatican II Said About the Church"

Fr. Frank Phillips, CR discussed "Sancta, Sanctae: Holy Things Done in a Holy Way"

"Make No Mistake: The Bible Doesn't Err" was the subject of a talk by Fr. Brian Harrison, O.S. 

Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller discussed "Bioethics and the Church in a Post-Vatican II World"

Here are some images from the Youth Conference.

Fr. Frank Phillips, CR

Sr Basilea - one of the Sisters of the Holy Cross who resides in the convent on the grounds
of Assumption Grotto speaks to the youth

Dr. Monica Miller

Louie Verrecchio
Fr. Frank Phillips
Peggy Stanton also spoke at the Youth Conference, but I was not able to make it back to the room during her talk.

Fr. Anthony Kathawa from the Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church in Southfield
MC'd the Youth Conferece
I have many pictures of Bishop Sample talking to the youth.  I often take a dozen or more pictures per speaker because many must be discarded due to facial distortions (when speaking), eyes closed, etc.  With Bishop Sample, I was able to keep most of them and I must say that his dynamic manner is captured well in pictures. Here is a sequence of photos that played like a movie when I thumbed through them in my camera.

Needless to say, the young people were engaged.

These young people were among many who worked hard.  These ladies spent hours at the registration table.

Vendors were in an area outside the gym and in several rooms along the walk to the gym.

Following the main conference, participants had an opportunity to go to a Divine Liturgy (Mass) in the Ukrainian Byzantine Rite (St. John Chrysostom) at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church.  It is part of the Eparchy of St. Nicolas (Chicago) and is in communion with Rome.  

Fr. Eduard Perrone delivers a homily, discussing Vatican II

After the 6:00 PM Mass concluded, there was a dinner which was a separate event.  It was quite well attended despite the long day. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf spoke after the dinner to conclude the evening. 

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (aka, Father Z)

This was a photo taken of the speakers who were able to stay for the dinner.
From left to right: Fr. Charles White IV (current CTH Spiritual Advisor), Fr. Eduard Perrone (CTH Co-Founder
and SA-Emeritus), Louie Verrecchio, Fr. Frank Phillips, Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, Fr. John Trigilio,
Peggy Stanton (Dinner MC and Youth Conference speaker), Bishop Alexander Sample, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


See my Smugmug Gallery for the CTH 2012 event for the full set of pictures.


AUDIO and VIDEO: Visit the Call to Holiness website

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