Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reading the Bible (OT and NT) cover to cover

At long last, I got it done. I've read the Bible - Old Testament and New Testament, cover to cover.  I had always read this passage or that; or, this book or another from the Bible, but never the whole thing from cover to cover.

I should mention that I'm not a big reader.  Some, like the Curt Jester plow through several books per week (you can see his reviews mostly on Facebook, which you can pick up from his blog).  I'm all excited when I finish one after several weeks.  I want to read more.

I used the Ignatius Bible which is RSV-Catholic Edition. I started out with the hard copy, then switched over to Kindle. You may have seen me making posts with quotes from certain passages here and there.  The Kindle gives me the opportunity to share quoted text on Facebook and Twitter.

I must admit, it gives you a different perspective when you read the Bible in it's entirety. I know some people repeat this now and then, like during Lent.  I will do it again at some point.

Now that it is done, I plan on doing some deeper Scripture study, but want to finish the Catechism of the Catholic Church first, which I am also reading cover to cover in Kindle. Those are two texts I think every Catholic should read cover to cover.  My spiritual director had told me to just read it through the first time and not get hung up on anything.  When I go back through it another time, I can go deeper or use a structured Scripture study now that I am familiar with the sequence.

I found the Old Testament intriguing at times.  Many things puzzled me, while I was able to see connections with the New Testament later, which was cool.  I probably understood about one grain of sand's worth in a vast ocean of what there is to be understood (knowing that most mysteries will remain mysteries).

 Here are some versions of the Ignatius Bible RSV-CE in both hard copy and Kindle.

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