Thursday, June 21, 2012

UDPATE: No decision on Healthcare from SCOTUS; check back next week

UPDATE: The Supreme Court is done with opinions for today.  The questions on healthcare will come next week - most likely Monday or Thursday.  SCOTUS Blog is reporting that there are 5 opinions left for the year, including the one involving health care.  We may have to wait until next Thursday for that opinion.

Follow the info below to get to the live blog on Monday or Thursday.

There was a decision released today that may be of interest to some.  There was a blow to unions in the Knox v. SEIU case and it was a 7-2 decision that went against the union.  Here is an overview of the case:  Here's a snippet:

In Knox v. SEIU, the court will decide whether the Service Employees International Union (or any union) can issue temporary hikes in union dues or issue special short-term assessments for political advocacy without 1) giving employees formal notice that they can object, and 2) whether a union should be allowed to charge interim assessments to employees who had objected during the last round of notices.

The Fortnight for Freedom begins today and the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act could come this morning within the next 40 minutes.

The SCOTUS Blog has a separate site set up to handle the large volume of traffic expected. They will be live-blogging as Supreme Court will begins announcing decision just before 10:00 AM ET. If it goes like it did Monday, it will last until about 10:20.

Follow them at this new page just for the live-blogging session which should start within minutes of this post:

If you can't tune in now, you can go to the SCOTUS Blog later and get details and links. Be patient if it loads slowly.  Right now the homepage link will be re-directed to the live-blogging page until they are done. 

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