Friday, June 15, 2012

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; World Day of Prayer for Sanctification of Priests

UPDATE: Assumption Grotto has Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the parish Church today, until just before the 7:00 PM Mass in the Extraordinary Form. 

I was just about to make a post for the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus when I received this well stated email from Andrew Rabel. I offer it here:
Dear friends, On this beautiful feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this is also the day when priests throughout the Catholic Church, are asked to make an examination of conscience in regard to their ministries.

We must always keep Catholic priests in our prayers, as I believe they are particularly susceptible to temptations and attacks from the Evil One. (I believe Satan has one desire in particular, and that is to destroy the Catholic priesthood!)

From their own perspective, this is a useful aid to assist them if seeing if here and there, a bit of fine tuning needs to be done.

To all the wonderful spiritual fathers I have befriended over the years, (who I have received much good from) this is submitted in the spirit of helping you even more truly be a "persona Christi".

God bless Andrew

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