Friday, June 22, 2012

Fast and Furious, and Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi thinks Americans are stupid in the way that she thinks Catholics are stupid.

First, a little background.

In all probability, not many have paid attention to the news about Operation Fast and Furious - a government gun-walking program that ran from 2009-2011 under the Obama Administration. I would imagine that the name Brian Terry was not known in many households before this week's contempt proceedings against Attorney General, Eric Holder.  Brian Terry was the border patrol agent who was killed - shot in the back, at the border - with a gun that was found to be one of 2000 American weapons put into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Fast and Furious was launched under the Obama Administration and ended after Brian Terry's death. There are estimates of between 200-300  Mexicans having lost their lives to the guns in the same operation.

Democrats and Republicans alike swore to the parents of Brian Terry they would find out who was responsible, no matter where the investigation led (See Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings in this 32 second clip in June 2011).  This meant finding out who the highest ranking government official was who authorized the program.  18 months later, we still don't know the answer to that question - something which could have taken no more than a day to figure out.


There was a similar program under the George W. Bush Administration called Operation Wide Receiver. It involved about 300-500 guns in a period that was from 2006-2007. The guns had GPS tracking devices in them and tracking was controlled and tracked, with U.S. and Mexican officials working together. When the Bush Administration saw there was a failure to track all weapons (in part, because batteries in the GPS devices in about 30-40 guns, died). The program was ended because of that, without incident.


Operation Wide Receiver was controlled, but the controls failed. That resulted in it's abrupt ending.  Operation Fast and Furious had no controls.  The Mexican government was not even aware of the program, so there was no way for them to be involved in tracking the weapons, and there were many more weapons  in circulation.  It was failed program the minute it was launched.

There are many other differences between the Bush and Obama gun-walking programs, but the issue of control is the biggest difference.  Is it any wonder why Congress is interested in finding out what happened and who was responsible for such a bone-headed program?


I was able to watch the contempt proceedings against Eric Holder.  For the most part, Republicans and Democrats were given turns to speak.  I noticed immediately that while Republicans spoke about facts and specifics of the case, most Democrats talked about things like gun control policies which did not have anything at all to do with the case.  My jaw dropped a number of times at the audacity of Dems to discuss the broad subject of gun control policy, when it was the Obama Administration that let criminals in Mexico have guns from the U.S!  I was even more insulted when I heard a number of Democrats accuse the Republicans, who are trying to get basic information out of the Obama administration of politicizing the issue in an election year.  This investigation began 18 months ago.  It should have ended more than 12 months ago - well before election season.

Just when I didn't think the American people could be treated like greater idiots, out comes Nancy Pelosi with this load of namby-pamby.

What? Voter suppression? First, the two things have nothing to do with one another.   Don't get me started on "voter suppression." People can't cash a check without photo ID in many cases.  States putting voter ID laws into place are providing opportunities for people to get to the Secretary of State Office to get their ID if they cannot drive.     When one person votes more than once - fraudulently, it dilutes everyone else's vote.   I still remember all too well how Eric Holder gave the Black Panthers a free pass after they intimidated voters (see video) outside of one voting precinct.  According to Holder, there wasn't enough evidence.  That form of "voter suppression" doesn't seem to bother Nancy Pelosi, et al. 

The mainstream media (MSM) would have you believe, along with certain Democrats, that the contempt proceedings were a political move aimed at making Obama look bad during election season.  Was it really?  If Eric Holder hadn't given a false statement under oath - one that he retracted 10 months later, it would not have heightened everyone's curiosity as to what really happened.  

Watch Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).  With a dead border patrol agent and hundreds of dead Mexicans, all over an operation without controls launched.... I don't think it's the Republicans who are politicizing this.  

Here is the House Oversight Committee's website for this case:

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