Friday, June 1, 2012

Awesome Bible and Catechetical Software and it's Catholic!

Catholics who are filled with zeal for the faith will often enter discussion about Catholicism with friends, relatives, and others who may be more lukewarm. These conversations are most often about some of the more controversial topics in current events as opposed to discussing the significance of the Lord's Baptism or how we can see the Old Testament connections with the New Testament.   Many will struggle to grasp the gravity of some Church teaching unless they have a proper foundation.  We cannot help others to build that foundation if the only time we talk about the faith is when it involves hot-button issues.  The only way we can help others to lay a good foundation is to be well grounded in Scripture and the teachings of the Church ourselves.


There is a software I have been wanting to get for some time.  It's called Logos, and it's Catholic. Logos has recently weaved into it's library, the Catechism.  What I find cool is how things are interlinked.  When you read the hard copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), and you find an interesting footnote, all you read is that footnote.  If you want to see it in context, you must then find that book or resource independently.  With Logos, things are interconnected in a way that allows you to see that footnote or quote in context.  If you click that link for the Catechism, you can watch a video on how this all works.


There's one more thing.  Logos is giving away a chunk of it's software to a lucky winner.  Go drop your name in the ring and see if you can win. There's only a few days left.

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