Friday, March 9, 2012

New video by ShePAC reveals Obama's double-standard with women


I am offering this newly created video here, made by a conservative women's PAC called, ShePAC. It may be offensive to some; but, I think the video needs to be seen and shared. Mr. Obama is very selective in supporting women who exercise their right to free speech against vicious verbal attacks. . Where has he been all these years when conservative women were being targeted by liberals, along with their children in some cases. Here you will see a misogynist at play.  Not only has Obama not called for civility on this, he has been completely silent about it.

To the men who view this, tell me you wouldn't be fired for talking like this at work.  

Watch this 2 minute clip and consider sharing it.

Mr. President - Give Bill Maher his money back to set a good example for your own daughters. Along with the way he has insulted women, and Christians, specifically Catholics, the guy is a lousy comedian.

I have a hard time understanding how people can even watch Maher and be entertained by him.  It's sickening when people laugh at a man who would speak in such ways about women and disabled babies.

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