Friday, March 9, 2012

New video by ShePAC reveals Obama's double-standard with women


I am offering this newly created video here, made by a conservative women's PAC called, ShePAC. It may be offensive to some; but, I think the video needs to be seen and shared. Mr. Obama is very selective in supporting women who exercise their right to free speech against vicious verbal attacks. . Where has he been all these years when conservative women were being targeted by liberals, along with their children in some cases. Here you will see a misogynist at play.  Not only has Obama not called for civility on this, he has been completely silent about it.

To the men who view this, tell me you wouldn't be fired for talking like this at work.  

Watch this 2 minute clip and consider sharing it.

Mr. President - Give Bill Maher his money back to set a good example for your own daughters. Along with the way he has insulted women, and Christians, specifically Catholics, the guy is a lousy comedian.

I have a hard time understanding how people can even watch Maher and be entertained by him.  It's sickening when people laugh at a man who would speak in such ways about women and disabled babies.

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Nick said...

Oh boy, more political spin by conservatives!

I wonder how many Catholics will fall for this?

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...

Spin by conservatives?

Give me a break. I've been hearing ideologues - public figures - on the left, talk about women in ways that would get most men fired from their jobs.

Nick said...

It's spin because it tries to blame Obama for something he has no control over: funding.

Also, I've heard the same garbage from conservatives and the so-called "religious right".

You gotta step out of the bounds of politics - left vs. right, liberals vs. conservatives, etc. - to see the moral issue.

Otherwise you start talking about the left-wing media, puppet media, Obamacare, etc. That's just as much garbage as the garbage you're accusing liberals of, Diane.

I recommend you should read your blog series on morals and truth (I forgot the name of it right now). It helped me out, and I'm sure it will help you even more out, since art is as a mirror of the artist.

Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS said...


The point of my post was the denigration of women - mostly conservative women, and narrowed further - socially conservative women.

As a female, I'm tired of the objectification of women to begin with. That is bad enough. But when a women enters the political arena who is fiscally and/or socially conservative, the most vile things come out of comedians and others.

At the same time, you won't hear Mr. Obama decrying their behavior.

While he has no control over the PAC which received Maher's money, he could publicly call for the money to be returned because the bigot, Maher, has publicly condescended only certain kinds of women - mostly conservatives.

I won't use conservative and liberal labels when it comes to Catholicism. There are faithful Catholics, ill-catechized and malformed Catholics, uninformed Catholics, and outright dissident Catholics. However, politics is different. There are fiscally conservative and fiscally liberal politicians. There are socially conservative politicians and socially liberal politicians.

I am socially conservative in a way that is in harmony with the teachings of my faith. I depart from many republicans who support the death penalty. I lean towards fiscal conservatism, but not 100%.

Any woman who happens to have that double-conservative ideology can expect to be called every filthy name Maher used.

My point about Obama is that he only speaks out about civility when conservatives are out of line (as Rush Limbaugh was), but he fails to call for civility on the liberal end.... repeatedly. What if Bill Maher spoke about his daughters the way he has spoken about conservative, female politicians. Do you think he would not say something to the PAC receiving money from such a bigot?

Let's use one more scenario: What if the Ku Klux Klan publicly declared it had given money to a super PAC for a particular candidate. Knowing the immoral, hostile position this group takes to any number of groups, would it be proper for the candidate to remain silent and not ask that the money be returned?

You are free to disagree. I'll leave the combox open, but I"m done discussing it. Others can have their says, and you can have the last word, if you want it.

I'm tired of the condescension towards conservative women entering higher politics and that PAC video captured my frustration.

Anonymous said...

If Dennis Miller made those comments and then made a million dollar contribution, the media would condemn the PAC and force it to return the money. This video is going to a problem for Obama. This is just another reason why no one in my household is voting for Obama this year. I regret voting for him in 2008.