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Holy Week Liturgy and Confession Schedule at Grotto; Triduum Printouts

Easter Vigil 2009

I have been somewhat under the weather, so I won't be photographing this year during the Triduum.  I must admit, that while it is disappointing to not have fresh photos, it would be hard for me to surpass what I captured during Holy Week of 2009.

Holy Week Liturgical Events
People have asked me about the Holy Week schedule for 2012.  It's now on the homepage at assumption .  Rather than duplicate it here, I would encourage you to visit the Grotto homepage, and do so on a weekly basis ahead of any weekend to stay posted on what is happening, since I too must reference it.  Often times, Fr. Perrone's column, and a link to the bulletin, is posted by Friday night.

Sidebar: Make sure you are aware of the Confession schedule, with extra times, and time noted when there will not be Confession.  Find a Guide and Examination of Conscience here.  It might help to also read St. Francis de Sales on Confession. And, you can read about the Scriptural basis for Sacramental Confession.

Orchestral Masses:

Choir and Orchestra of Assumption Grotto Church will have
Choral and Orchestral Music for Traditional Tridentine Masses
Easter Sunday, April 8 at 9:30 a.m. and Divine Mercy Sunday, April 15 at the noon Mass
Joseph Haydn's Heiligmesse and J.S. Bach: Choral movements from Cantatas 66 and 134 

Printouts for Triduum
Now, if you go to the main events during the Triduum, please know that they are in the extraordinary form (traditional latin).  There is a spiritual richness in the older missal that I find very deep.  This year, the parish gift shop does not have the Triduum booklets for sale, so pamphlets are being printed out.  However, we can never really guess on the crowd size (and these liturgical events are usually well attended).

If you don't have a missal or Triduum booklet, and don't want to leave it to chance that you'll get a pre-printed pamphlet, you can make good use of the great site, the Tridentine Latin Missal Project. Bookmark this site.  The URL recently changed.  I'm really glad this site is being maintained because I wondered if it would lapse and it is a very useful tool.  Where you see hypertext with a Mass, it means that you will have something to print out.  So, look for major feast days throughout the year, in addition to all Sundays.  You would go to Passiontide for this week, under Proper of Season.  Using the post-1955 version from the list, here are some key pages you will want to print if you do not have a missal or booklet for the Triduum.

On Holy Thursday, there is an opportunity to remain with Our Lord at the Altar of Repose after the 7 PM Mass until midnight.

Parting shot from the Easter Vigil (2009):

Before lowering the Paschal Candle into the water, the celebrant, Fr. Perrone,
blows on the water three times, tracing the path of the Cross and prays:
"Do Thou with Thy mouth bless these clear waters: that besides their natural virtue of cleansing the body, 
they may also prove efficacious for the purifying of the soul."

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