Saturday, July 30, 2011

The visible sonic boom!

Saturday is when I like to post a fun video. 

Tesla Coil Example
I was always one of those nerdy kids who found science and technology to be fun. My brother and sister are pretty much the same. I think we can attribute it to our very nerdy father whose idea of "fun" was to build things like Tesla Coils when he was suppose to be working on his "honey-do" list.  Mom referred to him as the mad scientist.  Half the kids in the neighborhood would pile into the basement so we could watch the thing spark and our hair stand on end.  It was only about a foot high, but wow.  If you click the link at right and scroll down, you can see a guy showing how you can light a bulb in thin air with the it running.  Yep - I remember "pop" doing that one too.

The Sonic Boom in Video

I don't know what made me think of it, but for some reason the sonic boom came to mind and I remembered pictures of it. Have you ever "seen" sound? Check out this video which has footage of different booms.

Now this one explains what is happening.

I always marvel at the magnificence of God with such things. 

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