Monday, July 4, 2011

Archbp Vigneron on 4th of July: Freedom of Religion a Great Pearl to be Protected

Te Deum file photo: Archbishop Vigneron leading  the Helpers of God's Precious Infants Mass & Prayer Vigil in 2009

In the Detroit Free Press article, "For 4th of July, ring out freedom to celebrate values", several leaders were asked for a brief statement.  Detroit's Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron was among those offering a brief statement.  In it, he said:

“Freedom of religion is the most fundamental form of human freedom, as it concerns our most fundamental relationship: our relationship with God, our creator. Freedom of religion allows every person both to worship God and to live according to God’s law, without fear of interference or persecution. We know that a deep desire for this particular freedom drew many of our forbearers to this country, and the responsibility to protect this great pearl of our democracy is one each generation is called to take up anew.”

— Archbishop of Detroit Allen Vigneron

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