Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Altar rails are making a comeback....

The altar rail, long in use at Assumption Grotto, saw the comeback of the altar rail cloth
on Holy Thursday, 2011

The other day, the National Catholic Register had an article up about the return of altar rails.  It seems they are gaining in popularity as people desire to kneel to receive Holy Communion.

The altar rail is so called, because it is an extension of the altar.  Assumption Grotto has gone one step further during most Masses using the 1962 Missal (when there are enough servers).  That is, the use of an altar rail cloth was re-introduced on Holy Thursday this year.  People fold their hands in prayer and put them under the cloth, leaning against the rail, not on top of it. 

Go read this interesting, and detailed article about the altar rail, and it's new surge in popularity.  It includes some interesting history. 

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