Monday, May 2, 2011

Video: President addressing nation - Osama Bin Laden is dead

This post may be updated tomorrow with more links. Big crowds are gathering in Washington DC and in New York City at Ground Zero and in Times Square. You can see both live on Fox News and CNN.

The AP video cuts to the chase, cutting off the introductory part.


Massive Crowds Gathering in Washington DC and in New York
I can't embed this, so follow this link to CNN of the crowds gathering at the White House - yelling, U-S-A! U-S-A! There are far more there now than seen in the video clip taken soon after Obama addressed the nation.

People are out in the streets of New York City at Ground Zero. Reporters are saying fire engines out honking too. CNN has live video footage of both crowds on a split screen. Fox News aslo has cameras on the crowd outside the White House, and in Times Square.


From a Catholic perspective, Father Z offers this thought:

So, Usama bin Laden is dead. He has now gone before the Just Judge and has received whatever eternal reward he merited.

I may say a prayer that he repented and God is merciful. I wonder if I will really be saying it for his sake or for my own.

I am bit concerned at the cameras on the young people jumping around like IDIOTS whooping and hollering because someone was killed....

I can understand the urge to celebrate that a paragraph of a chapter of US history has been brought to an end. I would rather see Americans welcome this news with a quiet nod of the head than with squealing in the streets. It seems to me that his death isn’t something to strut about as if it were a gold medal win at the Olympics.

I am also grateful to the military and intelligence personnel who were involved. Hard, dangerous, quite, anonymous work for the sake of the safety of others.

Point well taken.  I don't feel I'm rejoicing in his death.  It's not just that a chapter was closed. Rather, for me, it is that a man who has shown himself to be a mastermind behind mass murder, will no longer be at the game. It's not just death of Christians and Jews; this man has been victimizing Muslims, as well.  I would have been just as happy had he been captured and brought to justice.

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