Monday, May 2, 2011

Girl confronts Ewing's Sarcoma with Courage and a Blog

Rachel and Cocoa Chanel
Photo: Elizabeth Robertson/

A young girl from Mother Teresa Regional School in New Jersey is facing the battle of her life.  She has Ewing's Sarcoma - a rare, cancerous tumor that has embedded itself in one of her thighs. The feisty 6th grader is a fighter and she happens to be the daughter of my cousin, Kurt.  Tomorrow, she will undergo surgery that will last much of the day. 

Rachel's story is profiled today at  What you will find is a bubbly 11 year old with a positive outlook, determinaton to win, and a desire to chronicle her "journey".   Rachel is sharing that journey in a new blog at called, "Onco Girl".  Sometimes the best lessons are taught by young people, so do check her blog now and then, and offer some words of support. 

Most of all, I ask that in your kindness, you pray for Rachel and her family, especially Tuesday as she undergoes this surgery.  Family will provide the first update in her new blog after it is complete.

In the name of Jesus, may Mother Teresa intercede for Rachel; the Queen of Angels hold her and her family in her arms and the guardian angels of doctors guide their hands, their eyes and their minds as they work.

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