Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photopost: Annual St. Joseph Dinner at Assumption Grotto

Each year, on the Sunday closest to St. Joseph's feast day, we have a grand celebration for the beloved saint at Assumption Grotto through the generosity and hardwork of the Romano family and volunteers.  It's a long-standing tradition of the parish.  We had our dinner following the Noon Mass this past Sunday.  This post features photos. 

You may notice in some shots, in the center of the gym is what appears to be a display with something missing.  Well, that something is a large statue of St. Joseph which unfortunately broke.  There was a statue and even though it was small, we know just how big St. Joseph is.

Unfortunately, I had only one lens with me that did not permit me to get a broad shot. Fortunately, aspiring photographer and parishioner, Christopher Rochon, had his camera and sent me a few shots to post.


I do have audio of Fr. Perrone's talk from the first "Lenten Monastic Supper" which took place on the first Friday in Lent.  It's too late for me to post on it tonight, so hopefully, I can get it posted tomorrow. 

Because of work taking place to set up for St. Josephs in the gym, there was no Monastic Supper for the 2nd Friday in Lent.  It resumes this Friday.

Do consider coming this Friday for a real change-up on meatless Fridays with our Monastic Supper.  It features a choice of 3 different kinds of soup, 4 nice slices of cheese, bread, fruit and a drink.  As Fr. Perrone explained in his first talk, he fully expects people to be eating while he is offering his reflection, just as is done in monasteries when readings take place during meal times.  It opens, I believe, at 4:30pm and the talk takes place at 6:00.  To allow time for the Eucharistic fast, Father moved the Stations of the Cross to the 7:00pm timeslot, and pushed Mass back after that (about 7:20-25). 

Watch for a post on the audio.

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