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Fridays in Lent at Grotto: Monastic Supper with Reflections by Fr. Perrone

A photo of a 2008 Cotillion at Assumption Grotto - a popular event at the parish on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday

I will get to the Monastic Meals which will take place on Fridays in Lent in a moment.  First, I'll tell you about "Fat Tuesday" and Ash Wednesday at Grotto.


Each year, Grotto-goers look forward to the "Fat Tuesday Cotillion".  Even if you don't dance, it's fun just to watch.  Many dress up in costumes of a by-gone era.  Those attending are asked to come dressed in a little more formal attire.  There is no need to don costumes, just don't come in blue jeans.  From the Grotto News:

Fat Tuesday, March 8th, in the gym. Music , traditional reels, old dance tunes of the Colonies and line dances from the late 1700’s to mid 1800’s. Refreshments 6:30 p.m., dancing commences at 7:00 p.m. with the Grand March. Tickets $7.00 available in advance or at the door. Bring your favorite Hors D’Oeuvre or finger food and Pazki to pass. Beverages will be provided.
I can't make it again this year.  I've gone once to watch and photograph and it was quite fun.  The band provides instructions on what to do in each number, so you do not need to even know how to dance to participate.


Also in the Grotto News:
Mass schedule for this coming Ash Wednesday: Masses will be at 7:30 a.m.; Noon and 7:00 p.m. (Ashes are imposed before Mass; so, do get here early.) 
Now I will answer about those things you might be pondering.  The Wednesday evening Mass is in the Extraordinary Form.  Wednesdays are choir rehearsal nights and we always start Ash Wednesday in the loft for Mass.  So, there will be some music fitting for the occasion. If you do not have a Missal - you may want to print this out:


Fr. Perrone explains a change for Fridays during Lent at Grotto:
This year our parish is doing something new to replace the nearly ubiquitous practice of the Friday Fish Fry. The Knights of Columbus, ever valorous, have proposed that we offer a monastic meal (menu: soup [several choices - dk], cheese, fruit and beverage) on the Fridays of Lent–on all Fridays except one, you will note, while your pastor delivers talks to the diners at 6:00 This is truly something that one may yet find in monasteries where, during the meals, monks eat in silence while a lector reads from some religious book. In our case, I will be giving talks, in a manner somewhat freer than the decorum for Mass sermons would allow, to stir a greater piety and to cause–it be hoped– the movement of the mind to ascend to considerations worthy of this season of self reform. Now here is something for everybody who comes here on the Fridays of Lent. To accommodate those participating in the monastic meals and to allow for the Eucharistic fast, I am transposing the usual order of the services in church (Fridays of Lent only): at 7:00 p.m. there will first be the Stations of the Cross followed by Mass. In this way, the requirements both of digestion and fasting will be satisfied.

Unfortunately, I don't have my bulletin at the moment and cannot print out the dates.  I will get them.  If someone reading has the flyer that was stuffed in the bulletin last week, please drop those dates into my combox (including the one Friday that there will not be a meal).  You may email me, as well.

I'll see if we can get the PDF of the flyer sent to Grotto webmaster.

You have to admit, this "Monastic Meal" with a reflection by the pastor is a pretty cool idea.  I'm also glad that the Stations of the Cross will precede Mass.  It was always a problem with people inhaling their fish so they could go to evening Mass.  Most stayed for the Stations which take about 15 minutes, give or take a few. 


Read Fr. Perrone's column in preparation for Lent where he addresses fasting, abstinence, and more (the column continues on the 3rd page of the PDF)


Father has his first audio clip up (about 5 minutes).  He is posting daily during Lent and began with a pre-lent meditation for Shrove Tuesday.  Visit his homepage daily where you can listen online to his daily podcasts.  You can also subscribe, as I do, to listen on your iPod or other device.

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