Monday, March 14, 2011

Second Explosion at crippled Japanese Nuclear plant...

Frame frozen from video of a second explosion at the Fukushima plant in Japan

I have found a pretty good news service called "Russia Today", which features broadcasts on YouTube.... in English. They seem to be uploading video news ahead of some of the cable news networks, who probably want to have it on air first. Here is the update from overnight in Japan.

EDIT: Here are more videos just uploaded...

From Associated Press
SOMA, Japan – The second hydrogen explosion in three days rocked a stricken Japanese nuclear plant Monday, sending a massive cloud of smoke into the air and injuring 11 workers. Hours later, the U.S. said it had shifted its offshore forces away from the plant after detecting low levels of radiation.

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was about 100 miles (160 kilometers) offshore when it detected the radiation, which U.S. officials said was about the same as one month's normal exposure to natural background radiation in the environment.


More than 180,000 people have evacuated the area in recent days, and up to 160 may have been exposed to radiation — pouring misery onto those already devastated by the twin disasters.

While Japan has aggressively prepared for years for major earthquakes, reinforcing buildings and running drills, the impact of the tsunami — which came so quickly that not many people managed to flee to higher ground — was immense.

By Monday, officials were clearly overwhelmed by the scale of the crisis, with millions of people having spent three nights without electricity, water, food or heat in near-freezing temperatures.

Officials in one devastated town said they were running out of body bags.

Another report says there is a 70% chance of a magnitude 7 or higher aftershock in the coming days, which poses even greater risks for the nuclear plant situation and ongoing survival crisis said to be the worst Japan has experienced since the end of World War II.

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