Saturday, March 12, 2011

Containment Building at Japanese Nuclear Plant Explodes - Please Pray


Watching the images on cable news just leaves me in awe of nature, and humbled before the words of Our Lord, that we know not the hour of our death.  More video and pictures are coming out of Japan that is just breathtaking.  I have embedded several in this post.

This ought to move us all to provide support in the form of donations and prayer. The Archdiocese of Detroit has set up a page where you can donate (will go to Catholic Relief Service). There are so many threats still facing these people. Please consider visiting an Adoration chapel, praying a Rosary, offering Mass intentions that the ongoing threats against life abate, most especially those concerning the nuclear plants.  As we approach the Feast of St. Joseph, consider joining in the Novena and offering intentions for the people of Japan. Reader John-Paul sent a link to his Novena site.

It's not enough that they are dealing with a damaging, 8.9 magnitude earthquake. A tsunami in the aftermath wiped out some 1000 miles. One town of 9500 people is missing; several trains, one of them a high-speed "bullet train" capable of holding several hundred is gone. A ship is missing. Countless cars, houses, buildings and boats are seen being carried away at very high speeds by water.

It's still not enough. Two nuclear plants were affected. Japanese were working to cool off a nuclear reactor after shutting it down and the containment building just exploded, now increasing the threat of a meltdown (think Chernobyl). Some in the area are already experiencing radiation sickness. Authorities are handing out iodine to help with radiation exposure (should help prevent thyroid cancer down the road). There are conflicting "expert opinions" as to the current situation and the potential dangers. Here is a video report:

The worst is probably yet to come. In addition to radiation concerns for years or generations to come, some are stranded, without fresh water. It's cold in Japan yet, still dipping down into freezing temperatures at night and reaching about 45-55F. There is no power. Some will die of dehydration, others from waterborne illness, others from lack of medical attention or needed medications.

Dozens of coastal cities around the world braced for tsunami's and while there was damage as seen in Crescent City, California (2nd video below). I've wondered about other countries as well.

Please pray for all affected. 

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