Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Red Hat Speculation Begins...

Before I send you off into the pregame show of an ecclesial spectator "sport" that comes around every few years (the making of Cardinals - known more plainly as - a consistory), I want to toss in another item that I was unable to post on last week. 

Blogging Canonist Ed Peters was recently at a Canon Law Conference at the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Also there, was another blogging canonist, Fr. John Boyle, of the UK who is spending a year in Marquette, Michigan (I got to know Fr. Boyle through blogging and we hope to see him at Assumption Grotto should he venture down to the lower part of the "mit"!).  Also there, was Father Z (the three are in the pic below and Father Z promises us that he is not that short, but that these guys are just that tall). 

There has been periodic discussion in the blogosphere about the next consistory, ever since the last consistory.  As I mentioned in my recent post on Archbishop Burke (which has been updated, by the way, after I noticed that I missed his membership in the Congregation for Clergy), the next conistory is rumored to take place anywhere from this fall to early spring 2011.  I have mentioned in other comboxes, that I believe it will take place in 2011 because of the number of Cardinals Electors soon to be turning 80 (if this list is not organized by age, then click the "Birthdate" link and they will appear at the top of the list). 

Dr. Peters looks at this much deeper and his analysis left me hopeful that another rumor would not come to pass.  Many have speculated in recent years that Detroit will lose it's red hat because we can't tip the balance of American "Cardinal Electors" to say... the Italians (bear in mind that there is a cap at age 80, at which time a Cardinal is no longer eligible to vote in a papal conclave).  But, I like the rationale used by Dr. Peters and it gives me hope that Detroit will keep it's red hat and that Archbishop Vigneron may very well be among those named in the consistory.  Just how many Americans might we see elevated?  Follow the link to read his most interesing (and fun) analysis.

Musings on the next Consistory

In the mood for some completely personal musings on an important topic that none of us have the slightest control over? Okay, how about papal elections? Rome basically shuts down in August, and here in the USA summer vacation is winding its way toward Labor Day. So it’s a great time to speculate on the next Consistory, rumored to be scheduled for as early as this Fall, but more likely in the Spring of 2011. Or, not. We'll see.

Here is a pic of Archbishop Burke and Ed Peters at the recent conference (hmmmm  - as Father Z pointed out earlier, methinks Archbishop Burke isn't that short, but it's that Peters is that tall).  As an aside, Dr. Peters is speaking to his new boss.  He was recently named a Referendarius by Pope Benedict XVI.  If you don't know what that is.... go have a read.

Let the [speculation] games begin!

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nazareth priest said...

Raymond Cardinal Burke sounds just right to me!!
I'm probably prejudiced, though.
He's a native son of our Diocese, our former bishop, and the spiritual father of our public association of the faithful and to me, who he ordained to the holy Priesthood some seven years ago.
And Dr. Peters was my canon law teacher in the IRPS Master in Theology program.
I am doubly blessed!

Ted Krasnicki said...

If anyone deserves a Red Hat in USA it is surely Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver. He has done so much to bridging that lacuna between the teachings of the Catholic Church and the public square. Moreover he is still young and very intelligent, and would represent native America quite well.

David said...

Bear in mind that the Holy Father is very unlikely to name a new Cardinal to a diocese which has a Cardinal under the age of 80, even if he is retired. Toronto, which is the largest city and archdiocese in Canada and about the fifith largest city and archdiocese in North America (counting Mexico)has been without an active cardkinal for a few years waiting for the Emeritus to reach 80 (he did last January).

As to any gap between the number of American cardinals and the Italian ones I don't see why that is a critical factor. For historical reasons, Italy has always had a disproportionate number of cardinals.

Curial prelates like Burke will be made cardinal but if any new American Sees are so honoured it will have to be at the expense of some heretofor red hat See which has declined in importance.

Nick said...

Are cardinals ordained or elected? *confused*

David said...

Nick, they are "created". They are appointed by the Holy Father. They are not ordained and there have been lay cardinals.

Shaker said...

A Cardinal is neither ordained nor elected, but is appointed (created a Cardinal) by the Supreme Pontiff. Until 1917, it was permissible to appoint a Cardinal who was not ordained to the priesthood or the episcopate. Cardinal Teodolfo Mertel who died in 1899 was the last Cardinal who was not even a priest. It is now mandatory that only a bishop or a priest can be appointed a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church.

Shaker Farhat
Toronto, Canada