Friday, August 13, 2010

Come to Assumption Grotto on Assumption Day!

Archived Photo from 2005 Assumption Day
It was my first time experiencing this glorious feast day at Grotto

Come to Assumption Grotto on August 15th where devotions and Masses run from morning 'til evening. 

The 9:30am Mass will be a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form (1962) missal.  The evening Mass will be an Ordinary Form Mass (new Mass), and it will be concelebrated with Fr. Perrone as the main celebrant.  See details of the day on this page at (Note that there is shuttle service running from St. Veronica's which is about 1.5 miles away - see the main grotto website).

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Nick said...

Pray for those who espouse assisted suicide, many of whom do it to run from their problems.

nazareth priest said...

An early Blessed Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption to you, Diane, and to the Parish of OL of the Assumption.
God give every grace and blessing to the great works that are going on here.
Please, all of you, pray for our struggling monastic community...We are all united in the "Mystical Body of Christ". May our Lady be your "Star" and example! FrJM

Shaker said...

The Feast of the Assumption brings to mind a beautiful tradition that appeared in my parish bulletin and is said to go back to ancient times. The story of Our Lady's Assumption narrates that shortly before the end of her life, it was revealed to her that her earthly life was about to end; so the Virgin got up and started arranging her last things, but wished to see the Apostles, whom she loved deeply, for the last time. God then fulfilled her wish by prompting the Apostles to go to Jerusalem to see her for the last time (one tradition says she died in Jerusalem and another says she was in Ephesus, but the "Jerusalem" tradition seems to be the more ancient and is supported to this day by her venerated tomb in Jerusalem marked "Mary’s Tomb” [Qabr Maryam] – Note: In Pope Pius XII’s Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus containing the dogmatic definition, the Holy Father left open the question of whether she actually experienced death, although his language seems to support that position – generally held by the Fathers). The tradition continues that all of the Apostles coming from their preaching around the then-known world made it on time, except Thomas who was on his way back from India. The Virgin prayed with them, consoled them, and then surrendered her soul to Christ. The Apostles carried her body and buried it. When Thomas arrived he asked to see her for the last time, and that prompted the Apostles to go to her tomb and open it and discover that her body was no longer there. Their joy was immense when they heard the angels singing and learned that she had already assumed into Heaven.

May the Mother of God whose Assumption we celebrate on earth obtain for us the graces we need to enter Heaven.

Shaker Farhat
Toronto, Canada

nazareth priest said...

Happy feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, Diane!