Thursday, February 18, 2010

Archbishop Vigneron on Ash Wednesday, Lent, and First Friday Devotions

We have several things by Archbishop Vigneron released of interest:

Archdiocese of Detroit Lent Resource Page

Also, in the latest edition of the Michigan Catholic (not yet uploaded), one of the front page stories is entitled: First Fridays - Archbishop seeks renewal of devotional practice. 

When it's available online, I'll post on it.

Brick by brick.

Now that you have read about Archbishop Vigneron - please click the link in my sidebar for Rosary fo the Bishop and offer a rosary for him on a regular basis, even if you can only squeeze it in monthly.  If you are not from metro Detroit and want to pray for your own bishop, you should be able to find him by clicking on the same link and using a search function.

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