Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twitter Feed Updated...

I'm going to get back into updating the Twitter Feed daily with news that is flying around the blogosphere. Click the bird in the upper right hand corner of my sidebar daily to see what is up. When I can I will update it several times daily. Basically, if you want to see the hottest Catholic news, you want to read twitter feeds.

One word of caution: Be careful about clicking on people who are following me in twitter. Each day I try to filter through the new ones. Some of those "following" are doing so to entice people to click their twitter feeds. Some of these people have sexually explicit feeds that lead to what appears to porn sites (I don't know that for certain and such sites are known to be good carriers of computer viruses - no pun intended).

Right now blogging and twittering is light as I finalize many of my mother's affairs since her passing. We need to have her apartment vacated in two weeks. Many thanks for the offers I have had with helping. There isn't much that people can help with as it is time consuming just to go through things (and Mom had her stuff very well organized). Thankfully, my siblings and I have been working together, each of us with complimenting skills. My sister is great at packing, and my brother wants to be the "mover" (and boy can he move stuff). The usual bickering you hear about after someone dies over "things" is just not happening with the three of us. In fact, we seem to have a sense for what the others may want. What a tribute to my mother and father that the things most important to us are not those of monetary value, but things come with a story or bring about a happy memory.

I must admit that with as organized as my mother was in her home, and with her paperwork, I now have a desire to get my affairs in order to spare my family any difficulty when I leave this life. I highly recommend that people do this, not for yourself, but for your loved ones.

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