Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Abortion Party?

My friend (whom I discovered, at my mother's wake, was a distant cousin), and Grotto-goer, Lizaanne, ran across a disturbing piece and shares some thoughts.

The Emasculation of Men

I just read this really nauseating piece of writing
My First Abortion Party.

This is my response:

The other sadness here is the emasculation of men in the abortion debate. Because abortion is seen as a woman's issue, and only women have a say in what happens with their bodies, men are left by the sidelines wondering "Hey, what about me? I was there too, remember?". Which is its own curious reaction. If it was just sex that didn't really mean anything, and the result is a bunch of cells that don't really mean anything, then why are men concerned or even care at all what happens? It is because in their heart of hearts they KNOW there is a baby there, and that baby is their own flesh and blood. And any good and responsible man has an aching urge to protect their child, regardless of the circumstances of conception. But women, in their quest for freedom (from what, I'm still trying to understand), push the men away, removing their kinship to the "clump of cells", telling them they don't matter (when they did obviously, at least for the time it took to conceive), and that what they think, feel, desire is irrelevant.

And men are letting it happen.

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