Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Michael Barber continues to discuss the "finding of Jesus' bones"

Michael Barber is only just beginning and today he posts 7 Reasons why Cameron's Theory is Sinking.

I'll start you out here, and then you can follow through to Michael's blog, where he has additional links:

Yesterday and today I taught classes where I was asked to address this "Jesus Tomb" story. In fact, a lot of news outlets are already reporting on the massive problems made with the claims being made. Well, here I want to list seven reasons why this story sinking.

1. Cameron found no bones of Jesus. Everyone looks over that--in fact, when I first posted on this I was even under the impression that Cameron was talking about finding "bones" of Jesus. Even if this was the tomb of the founder of Christianity, there is still no body in it. Of course, it isn't Jesus' tomb anyway as we will explain, I just thought I ought to point that out.

2. There is no way to know whether or not the "Yeshua" in question here is the "Yeshua" who founded Christianity. As I explained in the last post, Yeshua was the sixth most common name of Jewish males in Jesus' day. Joseph was the second. Miriamne (=Mary) was the most popular name for Jewish girls--in fact, 21% of all Jewish females were named Miriamne. So even if this Yeshua was married to a woman named Miriamne.........continue reading at Singing in the Reign

More posts on this subject by Michael Barber:

Titanic Claim: Jesus' Body Found?

This is only the beginning. Mr. Cameron invited scholars to look at the find, and there is no doubt that this whole issue will find itself buried at sea along with the Titanic.