Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lenten Series by Fr. Zuhlsdorf

Father John Zuhlsdorf - aka, "Fr. Z" at his blog, "What does the prayer really say?", is in the midst of a Lenten series which examines the prayers of Holy Mass a little closer. Visit the WDTPRS Homepage each day to read his latest translation, and lenten reflection.

Here is an excerpt from the First Wednesday in Lent:

Sometimes it helps for us to identify ourselves with the gifts placed on the altar for consecration. Moments before the Super Oblata prayer, we are invited by the priest to unite our sacrifices to those he offers in his manner of offering. We all have both burdens and reasons to rejoice. These we can consciously place into the chalice as the priest prepares it for their own change and elevation and "completion". In a way, the water can be like our own human and earthly portion being joined, absorbed and changed into the wine (the divine), even before they are stupendously raised as the Eucharist.