Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogging Cardinal: Sean O'Malley

I don't know how many of noticed that the Blog of Cardinal Sean O'Malley had been added to my sidebar not long after it came online. He got his feet wet while traveling to Rome.

Here is his introductory blogpost from September of 2006.

One of my favorites in his collection on this trip, was when he celebrated Mass at the St. Philip (Neri) Chapel at the Chiesa Nuova, posted on September 24. He celebrated ad orientem at an altar under which lies this great saint. He explains that the chapel was completed in 1602 with St. Philip lying in a crystal casket beneath the altar he is using. In the photo, is Cardinal O'Malley lifting a chalice high in front of a painting of the saint. In a word: Breathtaking!

More recently, on January 26th, Cardinal O'Malley shared photos and experiences from the March for Life in Washington DC.

In his latest post, February 16th, he brings Peru into our homes with reflections and photos.

Pay the good Cardinal's site a visit on a regular basis and enjoy all that it has to offer. I'm greatful he takes the time out of his day to write a blogpost for his local flock, and for the rest of us. Hopefully, more Cardinals and Bishops will see the value of even just weekly blogposting, which is about how frequent Cardinal O'Malley is currently posting.

TIP: Click through the months, and then click through the days of the calendar in the upper right hand corner. If you merely click on the months in the archives, you will only get his last post of the month.

Go to the homepage of the Blog of Cardinal Sean O'Malley.

He even allows comments!