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Fr. Perrone to conduct orchestral Mass he wrote in honor of Sacred Heart

Fr. Eduard Perrone wears many hats: Priest, pastor, pianist, orchestral music composer, conductor, and more.

This Easter Sunday at 9:30 AM and next Sunday, Divine Mercy, at Noon, Fr. Perrone will be conducting an orchestral Mass he composed (choir and orchestra), in honor of the Sacred Heart.  Both of these will be in the context of a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form (1962 Missal).  Next week, the 9:30 AM Mass will be a Latin Novus Ordo as the TLM shifts for that day only, to the Noon slot.

He wrote this Mass a few years ago, but only recently composed the orchestral parts.  This is the second Mass he has composed and conducted at Assumption Grotto; the first - Fountain of Beauty - was in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was heard for Christmas in 2011.

This musical style is quite different from the first. I'm not a trained musician so I cannot explain these things very well, but it reminds me of something written from an earlier period, whereas the first is like some of the more contemporary classical compositions.

What caught my attention the most in this Mass was the Gloria. It was powerful and filled with moments of great majesty.  It lifted my heart, inspiring a sense of wonder and awe - precisely what we would expect a Gloria to invoke in a soul.

Can I purchase music from this Mass?

Some ask me in person, and in email or social media about CD's for purchase, but these things require much funding.  There are added expenses that go with recording audio for sales purposes - some of it having to do with agreements with the musician union and satisfying other legal requirements.  The same goes with uploading.  Some do this innocently, with good intentions, using video or audio they capture, without asking Fr. Perrone in advance, but it's not supposed to be done.  Potential donors can discuss these things with Fr. Perrone to learn more.  I would love to see this particular Mass recorded and cut to CD for distribution.  No donation to the Assumption Grotto Choir & Orchestra is too small, but be sure to specify it is for the music program if you should send money. Collection envelopes are set out at every orchestral Mass with a second collection.  Your contributions help make it possible for us to hear these kinds of Masses at Assumption Grotto.

Photos from the Monday Dress Rehearsal

Below are some of the photos I took during the dress rehearsal for this Mass, in as much as I could.  I too, am limited as to what I can photograph.

They joyful conductor (don't be fooled, as this was a moment of humor between pieces - the conductor face is not there in this photo)

Some men of the bass section...

The Grotto choir takes people of all ages and as long as someone can carry a tune and read some notes, Fr. Perrone is more than glad to find a spot for them.  After Divine Mercy might be a good time to join; otherwise, in the fall is the best time.  He's always looking to add voices and it's a rare opportunity to sing with an orchestra several times per year, in addition to Sundays at 9:30.  He holds practice on Wednesday evenings from 7 - 9, and the choir rehearses on Sunday morning at 9:00, ahead of Mass; then for about 45 minutes after on new material.  There is secured parking at all weekend Masses, weeknight Masses, and for most events.  I've been going to the parish several times weekly for 10 years now and have never had a problem.

Gerrie Ball, the organist for the 9:30 a.m. Mass and orchestral Masses, uses a mirror to see Fr. Perrone and get his cues.

We have a harp for this Mass.  One time, we had a harpsichord in the mix, which was pretty cool. It fascinates me to think about Fr. Perrone writing every note for every voice and instrument - from strings, winds, and pipes - to a number of instruments in the percussion section.

Some of the Sopranos with one alto sneaking under the hap.

Some tenors!

Altos! That was my section when I was in choir.  I had to take leave for a while and have been focusing on my photography, among other things.  Some choir members will come for the fall to prepare for Christmas, then take a break. Others remain around the year.  The main break is during July when Fr. Perrone takes his vacation.

If this young chorister had access to a harp and harp lessons, I think she would be in heaven.  She only took her eyes off the hands of the harpist when singing.

Fr. Perrone fields a question from a member of the orchestra. 

This was taken at the conclusion of a very peaceful ending to one segment.

This is a very grainy photo, but it was very dark and a high ISO had to be used.  The choir was seated as the orchestra went over some details.


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