Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunday Evening: Assumption Grotto Choir at St. Mary's Cathedral, Lansing - Traditional Latin Mass

Please note the upcoming Solemn High Mass (1962 Missal)  this Sunday involving Fr. Perrone and the Assumption Grotto Choir (they will not be singing at the 9:30 AM at Grotto because they will be singing in Lansing at 5:00 PM (Fr. Perrone is getting easier on the choir making them sing only once!).

This is probably a good time to plug, again, the Call to Holiness Fundraiser coming up on December 1, 2013 following the Noon Mass at Assumption Grotto where Fr. Perrone will give a talk on "Dissent and Discipline."  If you cannot attend the event, please consider using the online form used for tickets, to drop in a donation.

On to the special Mass this Sunday in Lansing, see the notice below.

Blessed John XXIII Latin Mass Community will host Assumption Grotto (Detroit) choir directed by Fr. Eduard Perrone at St. Mary Cathedral (main church, not chapel) on the Last Sunday of the Liturgical Year. The evening begins with a prelude of organ music. The choir will then sing sacred polyphony from the Renaissance in its intended context: the Solemn High Mass of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite (Tridentine RIte). Included will be all the rituals that make it a sacred, solemn, reverent, and transcendent experience. This is a rare event. The full Solemn High Mass is not celebrated often; even less often with polyphony performed by an accomplished choir.
This is an opportunity to experience and enjoy the beautiful, yet so-often forgotten, Sacred Music of the Church as it was meant to be experienced!
As stated in the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of Vatican II: “116. The Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as specially suited to the Roman liturgy: therefore, other things being equal, it should be given pride of place in liturgical services. But other kinds of sacred music, especially polyphony, are by no means excluded from liturgical celebrations, so long as they accord with the spirit of the liturgical action, as laid down in Art. 30.”
Blessed John XXIII Latin Mass Community is a personal parish of the in Diocese of Lansing. It was established in 2010 & is is dedicated to the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite (Tridentine Rite).

Night of Sacred Music and Holy Worship-Lansing Cathedral
November 24, 2013 5:00 pm
None; free parking
October 24, 2013
Contact Name:
Blessed John XXIII parish
Contact Phone:
517-589-8211 (Blessed John XXIII parish)
Contact Email:
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Location Name:
St. Mary Cathedral
Location Address:
219 Seymour Ave, Lansing, MI 48933

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