Friday, November 29, 2013

Blog Updated with iBreviary and Catholic Culture Widgets

If you scroll the side-bar you will notice some changes. Two things I want to which I want to draw your attention are below.

Catholic Culture News Link

Over to the right, in the side bar, I did not realize that my news link from Catholic Culture had disappeared.  But, it looks like they've done some updating and I have an even better one now.  If you click on the readings for the day, it will give you information for both the new and old calendars.  Below that will be other interesting things that should change each day, including top headlines.  Catholic Culture is closed on holidays and weekends, so those would be the only time it would not update.

iBreviary Widget

Also, I discovered iBreviary had widgets so I have added one to the sidebar.  This allows you to pray any part of the Divine Office online, right here.  And, the text is pre-loaded for the day and arranged to flow (no skipping from one section to another).  iBreviary was the subject of much discussion back in 2008 when it debuted.  I'm in agreement with the statement given here that if the text is faithful to an approved text, it stands to reason it is valid e-text for those who are required to pray it.  The way I see it, I can imagine how some complained throughout the centuries as text went from being chiseled into stone, to scrolls, then books, etc.  I like the feel of a book in hand, but my iPhone is ever in my pocket and there is no hopping around from this section or that, or consulting a booklet to find out what I should be praying.

One note is that on Saturdays (for the Blessed Virgin Mary), and certain feast days, you might see notes about using the "More Prayers" section. Note there is a "More" button.  Click that and explore what is in there.

The daily Mass readings for the new calendar are there, as well.

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