Saturday, February 9, 2013

Morally Responsible Investing: Interview with George Schwartz

Every serious Catholic should know about morally responsible investing.  Even if you don't want to invest in the mutual funds discussed, understand the criteria they use so you can try to screen your stocks and other investments.  You'll also want to watch this segment of the World Over Live if you own bonds in any way, shape or form, including bond funds.

This show, below, aired on January 31, 2012.  Raymond Arroyo interviewed George Schwartz of Schwartz Investment Counsel - the firm responsible for Ave Maria Mutual Funds.  They are morally responsible funds.  George Schwartz qualifies that in his interview with Raymond because various groups can define what they feel is morally responsible.  This is different from funds that are socially responsible.

I myself bought into the Ave Maria Growth Fund last year through an online investment brokerage account after looking at it's track record, Morningstar Mutual Fund rating, and some other things. Before I made my choice, I also looked closely at some other funds which consider themselves morally responsible and I couldn't find any to match that particular fund.  Others in the AM fund family may perform just as well, or better this year.  That was a start for me.

If you look at various popular funds through the stock market crash a few years back (a big dip in just about every long term chart), you will find few that came back up, and continued to climb as well as the Ave Maria Growth Fund (click for max chart).   I think it is a well-managed fund.

I use my online brokerage account mainly for light stock trading since I already have a 401k through my employer (I'm learning technical analysis, which has now become just as much of a hobby, as it is a way to try to make money).  My corporate 401k account is limited in terms of choices and I've considered rolling much of it out to someplace like Schwartz where it can be managed without my having to be concerned about inadvertently supporting things like embryonic stem cell research, pornography, or emerging markets in China - mainly because of human rights abuses, especially related to infanticide (let's call it what it is).  Some corporate 401k's allow you to do this, so look into it.


If you own bonds or bond mutual funds, you will definitely want to watch this show.  George talks about something I've been hearing from just about everyone on either end of the investment spectrum.  Bonds is not the place to be the next few years and he explains why.  If you have anything involved with Bonds and aren't paying attention, you might be real surprised down the road to see what happens to your account.  The best thing to do if you are not sure is get in touch with your broker, or find one.  I'd encourage Catholics to consider Schwartz Investment Counsel.

They take some calls that allow the discussion to float into common investment questions.  This was a great discussion.  You might be able to get some advice over the phone with Schwartz Investment if you have more questions.  I myself have had no contact with them .... yet.

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